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Subdivision & Land Development

Current Projects

The purpose of Subdivision & Land Development is to regulate and control the divisions and development of land within Perkasie Borough in order to promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the community. Click this link to read the Borough’s Ordinance on Subdivision & Land Development. In general this set of ordinances regulate the division and development of land so as to:

  1. Lessen congestion in the streets and highways.
  2. Further the orderly and appropriate use of land.
  3. Secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers.
  4. Facilitate adequate provision for transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks, playgrounds and other public facilities.
  5. Assure sites suitable for building purposes and human habitation and to provide for the harmonious development of Perkasie Borough.
  6. Coordinate existing streets with proposed streets, parks or other features of the Borough.
  7. Ensure adequate open space for traffic, recreation, light and air.
  8. Provide proper distribution of the population.
  9. Give effect to the policies and proposals of the Comprehensive Plan for Perkasie Borough.

View Borough forms and permits.

“The Glassworks”, 306 N. 5th St.

The Borough has received a Waiver of Land Development Application from the new owner of the property. Community members participated in a special meeting on 12/05/2022 to discuss the plans and share feedback.